Three bells

The most generous payout in the machine is for three bells, which pays 20 coins each time it happens. Since there are two bells on the third reel, along with one apiece on the first two reels, three bells can be expected to occur twice as often as three hearts. The combination can be expected to occur twice per 1,000 plays for a total payout over that period of 40 coins.

Adding up all the payouts, you find that this simple three-reel machine with 10 symbols on each reel pays out only 756 coins for every 1,000 it consumes. That’s a payout rate of 75.6 percent-not very good for the player.

By the mid-1930s machines were already a good deal more complex-but the odds for the player were no better. In fact, they had grown a little worse.


For your math buffs, this means that two horseshoes should come up a total of 250 times, 50 of them with a star and 200 of them with something else on the third reel.

When three spades come up, the machine pays off eight coins. Three spades can be expected to come up eight times out of every 1,000 plays. That’s the two times it appears on each reel multiplied by itself three times. So for three spades, the machine pays out 64 coins per 1,000 plays.

For three diamonds the machine pays off 12 coins. This combination is expected to come up three times per 1,000 plays for a total payoff of 36 coins. Three hearts pay 16 coins and is expected to come up once per 1,000 plays- there’s one bell on each reel, so one is multiplied by itself three times-for a total payoff of 16 coins.

Go to Nevada

Perhaps you are planning a trip to Blackjack tournaments Nevada. If you are, I would like to recommend that you pay a visit to the Silver Legacy Hotel, or the Reno Hilton, or the Pepper-mill, all in NevadaReno in the winter is a picturesque city, with many winter activities nearby, and a host of casinos with good value for slot players.

Of course, there’s no place like Las Vegas. If this is your destination of choice greatest slot, then some of the best casinos for you to visit are Bellagio, Palace, Mirage, Bally’s and Paris.

Where to play

Today I wish to focus on where to play slots tournaments. This is a choice you must make in the selection of the casino in which you will make your slot playing investment. In the Midwest, there are many casinos whose slots offer some of the better payouts, and whose slot clubs offer many valuable incentives. Among some of the casinos I like are Kewadin Casinos (I like the Sault Ste. Marie and St. Ignace properties in Michigan), Soaring Eagle Casino at Mount Pleasant, Michigan, Fortune Bay Casino in Minnesota, Ho-Chunk and Oneida Casinos in Wisconsin, and the Meskwaki casino in Tama, Iowa. For those of you who may be planning a trip to the East Coast for slots games, Foxwoods and Mohegan are both excellent tribal gaming properties, with many of the best slots to be found in casinos anywhere.

Importance of wise selection in slots

This is the part where “skill” in slot play comes into the picture. Many people believe that winning at slots depends purely on luck. While it is correct that slots are a passive game and, therefore, you cannot control the outcome of the event, it is not correct to say that playing slot machines involves no skills. I don’t mean merely the skills of being able to operate the machine that contains the game. I am referring to skills such as game selection, machine selection, brand name selection, game detail selection, size of wager selection, payout hierarchy selection, credit vs. coin play selection, play methodology selection, size of bankroll selection, play duration selection, time to play selection, casino to play in and what kinds of machines to play there selection, and the remaining variety of various applied skills which you will acquire as you continue reading this book, and then put your own abilities into practice. There is a lot more to being a winning slot player than just showing up at the casino, sticking your money in the machine, and pulling the handle.

Each of these skills is part of the learning curve and comfort zone which all of us have to reach. By acquiring these skills, you can become not only more knowledgeable, but also more comfortable. You will find that you are no longer a victim to the mere chance of luckily selecting just the right machine, at the right time, and for the right reasons. You will now be able to approach your casino visit with the ability to look for and select the kinds of games slots tournaments which you know are among the better options, and do so with a solid plan of attack. Not only will this result in more confidence and comfort for you when you play, but it will directly translate to regular profits. Although you won’t win every time, or perhaps achieve your win goal every time you play, you will now be able to realize that this is a part of the overall approach to the game. You will no longer be a victim to emotional swings, such as deep disappointment when you don’t win or reckless exuberance when you do. Although curbing these emotional reactions is part of Patience, as discussed above, and also Discipline, discussed below, the selection skills will contribute to your overall Keys to Winning. The slot machines will no longer hold the “secret” but will divulge it to you, because you now know what to look for, and how to do it to your best advantage.

Now let’s take a look at some of the selection skills in more detail. Remember that each is part of an overall whole, and even though each is important, the sum of the whole is far more crucial to your winning success at playing some slot machines than any single part. Often you will have to make adjustments, even while you are playing, because in the real world not all of these skills will apply all the time. Neither will all of the advice I am offering here, nor the guidelines. However, all this information, viewed together, forms the greater whole, and this is the sum total of what will eventually become your slot playing expertise